Thinvik Tubeless Tire Repair Kit


Thinvik Tubeless Tire Repair Kit(with Cutting Tool)&Tire Plug Kit,Portable Tire Repair Puncture Kit - Fix The Puncture&Flat of MTB,Road,Gravel,E-Bike,-Include Bacon Strips, Embedding Tool,Knife

【Multi-&Practical】Include Bacon strips (tire repair filler), Embedding Tool (to help embed bacon strips in the tire easier), Knife (cutting tool)Tubeless tire repair kit suitable for puncture in tires MTB, Road, Hybrid, E-bike,Cyclocross, Gravel bike, and ATV. Smallest plugs (1.5mm/0.06") would be suitable for any small hole, and plugs after twisted could be used for unusual big hole. Plugs are made from vulcanized butyl rubber.

【Easy to Use】Smooth out the hole in tires, insert plugs at a straight angle through the fork reamer - cut off excess with knife then plum in air or CO2. Then quickly get back to your safe ride again.

【Professional&Durable】Repair kit includes compact fork reamer, compact knife, 5x1.5mm plugs; CNC machined aluminum tube for storage and portability. Durable and tough material makes it one of the very best repair tools for any tough conditions.

【Anti-slip Design】Portable repair punctures would plug up the hole in tires in minutes even you get a puncture too large for your sealant. Storage capsule as well as the components surface are slip resistant. Nonslip surface would provide enough friction, then contribute to better grappling force.

【Easy to carry】Weight: 32g/ 1.13oz; Length: 12cm/4.72 ". Capable to be store in your bike/ saddle bag or hydration/ backpack. Come with a small lanyard eyelet for lanyard or hanging.

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